Better Get Going

I cannot fathom the thought of being late – for ANYTHING. If I could relive the minutes I’ve spent sitting in my car waiting for a ‘not too early’ time to show up for an appointment or meeting, I’d probably add years to my life! When I worked I always arrived a half hour prior to my scheduled start time. It’s almost (well okay, probably is) an obsession. My heart literally starts to pound if I think I am going to be late. No doubt it is irksome for Mark. How annoying it must be for him to have to get to the airport 2 hours before the flight, only so that we can sit at the gate for at least an hour before they even start to board. Or, sitting in the line to get on the ferry for an hour or more. I’m well known for this quirk or whatever it is. Leah let Mark know last week that she showed up 45 minutes prior to her flight but the line up at security was huge so the airline employee had to escort her through the Nexus line and when she got on the flight, (no doubt the last to get on), all the bins were full so she had to gate-check her carry-on bag. She said something to the effect that ‘oh God, Debbie would have died’. Yep, I would have!

Guess it goes without saying that I simply cannot understand people who have no regard for time, or other people’s time and arrive late on a continuous basis. I sometimes think it’s inconsiderate and quite honestly, rude. I know that sounds harsh and I really should lighten up and not judge.  My (borderline!) obsession is inconsiderate too.  I should think about the quality time I could have spent with loved ones, had I not been in such a crazed rush to head out to where I was going.  Will try to remind myself of this when that heart starts to pound again.


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