It’s our stuff!

I think the best part of moving is unpacking your stuff and figuring out what to do with it. It’s so nice to open a box and see one of your possessions and know exactly where it will be placed in your new home.   Our decorating style is pretty neutral with the odd complimentary accent piece and art.

Prior to moving in we decided that the 3rd bedroom would become a study or reading room. It houses our computer, a sofa bed, bookshelf and curio stand. We’ve ended up with quite a hodge podge of mementos, art and knick-knacks in this special room.

I suppose it would be a professional decorator’s nightmare. They wouldn’t know where to start to make everything ‘flow’ and there certainly isn’t a common theme. Besides books, the bookshelf has an Inuksuk, a panda bear plate, a ceramic penguin and a featured book of Van Gogh.

There are prints from Roy Vickers whom I’ve loved for a long time. He’s a West Coast artist that Lanie introduced me to. The print over the sofa is a Santa Fe type impression by Irene Klar, an artist from Edmonton.

But wait, in the curio cabinet is an Eskimo jade carving, polar bears, a penguin, elephants and a 70-year-old ceramic horse. I still have to figure out where to put the Bob Marley wooden mask!

As I said, a decorator would take off running. I think it’s ok though as everything means something to us and I think it all has a place there.  I think that is ‘theme’ or ‘flow’ enough.

I will apologize for any nightmares ahead of time to our overnight guests who use the sofa bed!



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