Below is a part of my retirement farewell note to my colleagues outside of our office. The note was sincere and still is. I am grateful that I worked for such a great company and for the most part, I did enjoy my job. But wow, I am so surprised how little time it has taken me to put the actual work all behind me. I’m blessed to have carried over some lifetime friends and I hope they will be a part of my life forever. I think fondly of some colleagues and hope they are doing well. I think of others and even though I know we’ll never be friends, I wish them well too.

Articles on the Company spark my interest and I am incredibly proud that I was an employee. Otherwise – I feel so detached and almost feel guilty for feeling that way. I’ll need to keep reminding myself that some of my colleagues and customers are likely feeling the same way and saying “Debbie who??”

Good Day Everyone,

Tomorrow will be my last day of work before retiring after 25 years of service.  It has been a privilege to manage XXXX over the last five years.  I am grateful for your trust and support and I could not have wished to end my career with this great Company in any other capacity.

I have read many retirement good-bye notes over the last few years and there has always been one common thread; what great people I have had the opportunity to work with.  I couldn’t agree more.  No doubt working in Customer Relations for 19 years was challenging at times but I was so fortunate to have had the support, knowledge, camaraderie, humour and friendship of my fellow colleagues in CR and you.  Thank you.

I also owe thanks to the customers I’ve dealt with (ok, not all ☺).  Lots of life’s lessons learned from my interactions with them.  The stories I have could fill a book – and they may some day!  Stay tuned.

I’m incredibly grateful that working for XX, in a job I enjoyed, has allowed me to retire at a (relatively!) younger age, with a good pension and benefits.  Mark and I are looking forward to starting this new chapter of our life in Parksville on Vancouver Island.  Hopefully my days will be filled with spending quality time with my sister and her family, beach walks, golfing, gardening, reading and of course travel.  As I’ve said to a few of you, I’m going to trade in my heels and Uggs for some Birkenstocks and rubber boots!

I wish XX continued success on every level – I’ll be reading and watching as a proud retiree.  Most importantly, I wish you and yours good health and happiness in the years to come.


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